Well, they are on their way to horsepistol…

Donna and Wesley and Latrina are on their way to the horsepistol.

At least that is what my Dad used to call it.  The horsepistol, that is.  I guess they are going to get things going tonight with a pill and start the IV drip to induce labor around 7 in the morning.  Donna is following in her car and will return home after they get the expectant parents settled in for the night.  Donna says they are planning on keeping her for a total of three nights.  I know when my daughter had Amelia they went home the same day!

You know it was so long ago that my kids were born, I hardly remember, yea right.  Probably the most stirring earthly event I have ever experienced was the birth of my oldest daughter.  Of all the thrills I have experienced that has to be number 1.   I remember when Lisa was born the put us in a birthing room.  Everything happens right there, labor, delivery and recovery.  What a mess that was!  But everything did come out all right.

I guess Wesley paced all day.  He did say things would be a lot different when they get home.  YEA, I guess.  

Donna has a rose that the ladies got her at the Granny shower.  It is a climber I believe.  The idea is that when she (Donna) sees the rose she will think of Jaila.  I hope to plant it on the day she is born which should be tomorrow.  New tradition I guess.  Now if we can just get the rest of those kids going, we will be alright!




  1. beartracks Said:

    Congratulations G-pa and G-ma

  2. beartracks Said:

    Where’s the baby photos?

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