Where were you when?


You know it occurred to me the NBA got one of those “where were you when” moments last night.  That is the slogan they have been using to promote the NBA playoffs this year.  I thought about going to the game last night, I wanted too, I could have, but wisdom prevailed and I stayed home, mowed the lawn, payed a couple of bills and watched the game on the Big Honkin’ TV.    I had no idea what I was about to see.

When I finally settled in for the evening it was about 7:30 so I turned on the Tigers game.  At that point it was 2-1 Cleveland with CC on the mound against some guy named Verlanger or something like that.  The Tigers then went up quickly 4-2 and then it was time to watch some NBA action.  But I got hungry instead.  It was time for a tuna fish salad.  You know you can tuna piano but you cannot tuna fish.  But I digress.  By the time I had prepared my salad it was Cleveland 12, Detroit 11.  Okay well I did not miss much.  It was another game you could have turned on with 2 minutes to go and caught all the action.   I did flip over and catch a little of the Tigers game during time outs and and halftime.   Jose Mesa is still Jose Mesa…

I was at the game where “Bird stole the ball”, had to be like 1986 seems to me, but I have never witnessed anything like what I saw last night.  I don’t think anyone else has either.  I cannot think of a game where one player willed his team to win like LeBron did last night. 

 There series is not over.  Even the Piston fan would have to admit it would have been a shame to have a performance like LeBron’s last night go down without a win.  He is 22 years old and they are already talking about his legacy.  I did hear him say one thing last night.  I don’t know if LeBron is a spiritual man or not, but he does believe in God.  He said in the post game last night that he thanks God every day for his God given talents.  I had to do the same thing this morning.  We all need to stop each day and thank God for what he has done for us and given to us despite our circumstances.

So, where were you when?  Did you see the Nike commercial featuring the LeBrons where wise LeBron says we have to go through Detroit?

IDYBT…IMBO oh and thank you God for my God given talents and gifts…


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