Cemetary for Sale


You know it occurred to me that there was so many mighty works during the recent South Carolina trip I just don’t know where to start.  This photo (one of Donna’s most recent a pretty good likeness don’t you think?) was one of the lighter moments.  We were on our way over to Granny’s (thats the Granny of the Granny) after service at the Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church in Liberty, South Carolina when we saw this sign and felt compelled to take a snap.  As I normally like to include a person in a photo (I must have taken a photography class somewhere or read it on the internet) I asked Donna to get in the photo.  She graciously obliged and you have what you see!

But this raises questions for me.  Why would you want to sell a cemetary?  The residents are quiet and do not bother anyone.  They have already paid in full for the lot and do not plan to move out of the neighborhood.  On the other hand, why would you want to buy?  The revenue has already been received, you are left with the care of the place although future business can indeed be counted on.  I do not think I have ever seen a cemetary for sale before and frankly it just kinda struck me as odd, in a humourous kind of way.  It is these type of things you just can’t make up, life if much more unpredictable than any fiction anyone can dream up.  That is why we are always hearing about things we never heard before.  We are fascinated by new things or we like hearing about old things in a new way, you know I never thought about that like that before!

In Max Lucado’s Grace for the Moment devotional, one of his daily devos suggests that you make all your major decisions in a cemetary, keeping in mind the eternal consequences of your decision.  So if you have a major decision to make, you might want to take a visit to your freindly local cemetary!

PS… If you want to see the rest of the pictures from the trip, click here!



  1. pastorhawkins Said:

    Great investment…land sold by the foot. If you bury people standing up….you can get even more planted.

  2. sam Said:

    or face down, you can have a place to park your bicycle.

  3. The Pudgeman Said:

    I know that I have never seen a cemetary for sale but I don’t recall ever even hearing of one for sale. What is the area code, maybe I will call and enquire as to what they are asking? Who knows, could be a good investment. B4T

  4. wheresjim Said:

    The Area code is ‘864″…

  5. beartracks Said:

    Tom, You should know that you can’t grow people by planting them!
    🙂 Gas cost an arm and a leg but it cost the rest of you to get into here. :):)

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