A Man’s Lunch…always includes Stadium Mustard.

You know it occurred to me, there are several characterstics of a man’s lunch.

Stadium Mustard

1.  It should be prepared and devoured without have to wash anything.  All the packaging, knives, forks, plates (if used) should be disposable there is no cleanup required whatsover.

2.  Ideally it should be ready to go directly from the refrigerator to the table or lap as the case may be.  There is no need to reheat brats or pork chops.  They taste much better directly out of the fridge and you do not waste any electricity on the microwave or other heating mechanisms that only waste time and energy.

3.  Condiments.  If you cannot put Stadium Mustard on it, it is not worth eating.  If you want to see some of the folks who enjoy Stadium Mustard around the world and out of it, please click here! 

4.  Chips and pickles count as vegetables. (ketchup too!)

A little trivia for you.  Each of the suites at Comerica include Stadium Mustard as a preferred condiment.   Stadium mustard is served at over 150 stadiums worldwide.  I started attending ball games at Cleveland Stadium I would guess at least 45 years ago.  My fondest memories as a child involve sitting on our front steps (they were cement so they were not real comfortable) listening to the Indians on the radio with my Dad.  He would often go down to the stadium on Friday nights by himself before I was old enough to go along.  One Friday night he brought me home one of those little bats and a rubber ball.  I promptly broke one of the lamps in the living room and a star was born!  When I got old enough to go he would take me on a Saturday afternoon.  The hot dog vendors would carry steamed hot dogs and always served them with brown stadium mustard.  It is more spicey than yellow mustard and this was in the early 1960’s before designer mustards like “grey poupon” were all the craze.  The hot dogs were served in a paper wrapper that inevitable had mustard all over the wrapper.  You still see hot dog wrappers flying around stadiums on windy days.  Our sense of smell and taste buds are some of our strongest senses tied to our memories.  Stadium Mustard brings those childhood memories back… and it is really good too!  IDYBT.  IMBO…



  1. beartracks Said:

    I didn’t see your picture for the Cleveland Stadium Mustard.

  2. Martha Said:

    If you send me some Stadium Mustard I will take it with me to Mary Kay Seminar and use it there, or Rob can use it on the A-10….could be fun for the website!

  3. The Pudgeman Said:

    You know, I like Stadium Mustard too! B4T

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