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Who is your water supplier?

The NRDC reported that a five-year supply of bottled water cost over $1,000.00 compared with $1.65 for the same amount of tap water. Not to mention the environmental impact of the many discarded plastic water bottles that are not recycled.

 Let me think about that for a minute.  $1000.00 bucks for bottled, $1.65 for tap water.  Makes that tap water sound pretty yummy to me. 

 For those of you who live in communities where the drinking water source is wells (as is Tecumseh, MI) you know that the taste of the water can vary from season to season and day to day and frankly there are some days where the water just plain stinks.

How many of us growing up exclusively drank from “public drinking fountains” where everyone and anyone puts their grubby germ hands on the handle, much less putting your filthy mouth on the spigot?  Communities all over the US routinely compete in water tasting competitions to see which water system operators provide the “best tasting” water.  Some of the best water I have tasted is in Algonac, MI.  They are located right on the St. Clair river that gets its water from Lake Huron.  The water if fed through giant membrane filters and is so cool, clear and refreshing.  Here we pull our water from the ground, filter and add chemicals to it to make it safe to drink.  No wonder there are days it does not taste so good.  It is almost an art form to put just enough chemical into the water to make it safe yet not too much to make it taste like bleach!

But I will tell you that city water is safe to drink.  If the operators fail to do their job and let unclean water get to your spigot they go to jail!

It is amazing to me that the best purifier of water is nature itself.  It only takes a few cubic feet of dirt to completely purify water.  How many of us are on well systems that are never been tested since they were dug?