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Who is this woman?


You know it occurred to me that “style” runs in the family.  The style I am referring to is the photography style.  If you look closely you will see this is a self portrait.  This is a style of photography that has been handed down generation to generation. 

 I happen to know that is photo was taken within the last week.  My most recent self portrait was taken last Saturday night, and when I upload the photo I may add it to this post for you to determine if there is any family resemblance.  If there is a resemblance then perhaps you might guess this is a relative of mine.  A close relative of mine.

I could give you some other hints.  She also happens to be the mother of my grandchildren, Abigal and Amelia.  You might have read that I  planted a rose for my third grandaughter Jaila.  So this seemed like such a great idea I went out and bought an Amelia bush and an Abigail rose.    I am not sure what type of rose I bought but I don’t think it is a climber.  But I do know that the Amelia bush is a hibiscus.  I hope to get them planted over the 4th of July holiday. 

It is going to be a busy 4th of July.  Men’s prayer breakfast at 6:45 am, golf at 9:am, and a Indians/Tigers game at 7 pm followed by fireworks.  So I guess I will need a nap tomorrow afternoon.  Well, I must be off!  IDYBT!!!


The Wahoos are coming…


You know it occurred to me, the Wahoos are coming.   Before I held the “wheresjim?” moniker, I used “wahoo jake” as an IM handle…

Beware, the Wahoos are coming in for another “krewshal” series here in Detroit.  I plan to get down to at least one game.  It worked on Memorial Day weekend, here is hoping it works over the 4th of July!

Go Tribe, beat them Tigers!

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