Please Pray for Racquel Alexis

To all who read this, please pray for my dear friends wife and daughter, Lautrice and Racquel Alexis Nickson.  Raquel was born yesterday prematurely at 2 lbs, 14 oz, 16 inches long!  Raquel is in the neo-natal intensive care and the family needs lots of prayers right now.  You can visit their online journal at



  1. Mickey Barry Said:

    Willie, Boss and Racquel,
    My dear friends…please know that I am thinking about all of you. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Tell Racquel her Auntie Mickey cannot wait to have “girls day out” with just her. Boss, I love you.
    Willie..a hug. Mickey

  2. wheresjim Said:

    Here is the most recent update from Willie…

    All Is Well
    posted on 08/05/2007

    Lautrice is recovering nicely. She got to see the baby for the first time yesterday. Racquel opened her eyes when Lautrice starting talking to her. It was priceless. It seems unnatural to love someone so deeply so quickly, but it feels so good. 🙂

    Now to the most import news. Racquel is doing great. Her breathing improved and the doctor removed her breathing tube. She is breathing regular air and is still a little fast, but the nurse said that was expected due to the recent removal of the tube. She has a UV light on her right now because she has a little jandis (sp.), but they say that is normal and would be resolved with the UV light. She looks like she is in a tanning bed. I’ll post the pics when I get them downloaded.

    All is well.


  3. wheresjim Said:

    Latest update from Willie…

    Nothing but good news!!!
    posted on 08/06/2007


    When I visited Racquel this morning, the doctor shook his head and said “what can I say?, she’s doing wonderfully.” The nurse describe her as their star patient. Lautrice came in and called her name and she instantly started crying. We think that’s a good thing.

    The nurses are trying to tone down their enthusiasm to keep us from being to optimistic, but you can tell that they are extremely pleased with her progress.

    I took a picture of her under the lights again this morning. She had her arm up and her legs propped up on the little bedding. She may be enjoying this “tanning” thing a little tooo much. I told Lautrice that we may have one problem, her little girl might be a diva.

    Lautrice is getting much better. They removed her IV’s this morning and we are currently awaiting her doctor to visit to give us an idea of when she will be released.

    We haven’t been able to respond to individually to everyone who sent well wishes, but rest assured that they are heard and appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Willie, Lautrice, and Racquel

  4. wheresjim Said:

    Here is today’s update…SHAZAAM!

    Another Good Day!!!
    posted on 08/07/2007

    8:20 am

    The only issue we had going into the night was Racquel was not digesting her food when they fed her through a tube into her stomach. To show that her intestines were working correctly they would put 3 cc of foot into her stomach, wait 3 hours and see how much had been digested. During their first feed, they determined that she had 2.5 cc remaining. She should have zero remaining.

    The doctor noted that she had not had a bowel movement since she was born and surmised that there may be no more space inside of her body. The doctor ordered a suppository to facilitate a bowel movement. As of last night at 10:45pm, no bowel movement and, hence, no food digestion.

    While we down visiting this morning, the nurse was changing her IV’s and cleaning her tubes. The nurse then looked at her diaper and SHAZAAAAM. We had the first poop. The nurse then checked her stomach and ZERO. Racquel had digested all of her food. This is a huge milestone to prove that her digestive track is bringing food in and moving it through her body.

    The doctor came over and said that her jaundice (I finally figured out how to spell it.) was getting better, but she would still have to stay under the light for another day. He told us that if waiting on our daughter to digest food and poop is our biggest problem that we had no problems.

    Racquel is doing so well, we could not be happier.

    Lautrice is doing great as well. She is going to be release this afternoon. The doctor debated releasing her yesterday, but wanted to watch her one more day just to make sure. I was OK with that.

    Thank you all for your show of love and support, it will never be forgotten.

    Willie, Lautrice, and Racquel

  5. sam Said:

    Praise be to God for the miracle he is working in little Racquel! It truly will be a joyous day when you get to go home w/ your baby, we will continue to pray that day comes soon.

    Their site is not letting me post a comment for some reason.

  6. wheresjim Said:

    todays update from willie….

    Mommy’s home!!!
    posted on 08/08/2007


    The doctor releasd Lautrice from the hospital on yesterday and she finally was able to get some much needed rest. Hospital stays are not conducive for resting. They came into the room every 2 to 3 hours for tests and medication. Lautrice was cheered by the nursing staff when she declined a wheelchair and chose to walk out of the hospital. However, I have insisted that she doesn’t do anymore walking around the house until she is 100%. I think we both slept about 12 hours last nights.

    We’ve had some tough time emotionally during the past week, but I think the toughest occurred yesterday when we drove away from the hospital without our baby. We find solace in the fact that one day we will leave with her and that day can’t come soon enough.

    On to the most important person. Racquel is just doing fine. She is still digesting her food with no problems. The are still feeding her 3 cc, but plan to move her up to 6 cc’s soon. They have removed one of the 3 lines that is in her navel and plan to remove the 2nd one in the next few days. She will be moved it an isolation box very soon. They move babies into isolation box when they need less immediate attention. The isolation box will provide a quieter atmosphere so she can get some peace and quiet. I’m sure she’ll enjoy that.

    Again, we thank you all for your concern, support, kind words, and prayers. All are appreciated.

    Racquel, Lautrice, and Willie

  7. Dianne and Roland Reed Said:

    Lautrice and Willie,

    We are so happy to hear about Racquel’s rapid progress. I know that she will be just fine. She is strong like her parents!

    We are also happy to hear that both of you are well. We cannot imagine the emotional turmoil that you have felt recently and probably continue to feel.

    We can tell you that, now that you have a beautiful child, the emotional turmoil will never go away. It will occur for many and various reasons. Parents always worry about their children, no matter how old they are.

    You two continue to get as much rest as you can. When Racquel comes home, who knows when the next time will come when you will be able to sleep through the night 🙂

    We are always thinking of you. Take care!

    We love you!!!

    Dianne and Roland

  8. jeanette Said:

    My what a beautiful family!!! Willie is doing such a fine job keeping all of us appraised of Racquel and Lautrice’s progress!
    I hope and pray that all 3 of you will be held tightly in His grip and the warmth of his glory keep you safe and healthy…. love jeanette

  9. wheresjim Said:

    Here is the most recent update from Willie… Good News!

    More progress!!!
    posted on 08/20/2007

    Racquel is doing fine. Her feedings were increased from 5cc’s to 10cc’s and she has had no problems. The big news is the doctor decided to remove her breathing tubes. I have posted pictures of her without the tubes. She gained 0.6 ounces and now is up to 3lb 2.3 ounces. Racquel is her old self. When the nurse was removing her breathing tubes, she was fighting the nurse. She had a lot of movements until Lautrice held her and then she calmed down. Her breathing was relaxed and it was obvious she was very happy.

    We have one more major obstacle . We need for her to keep her formula down. If she can increase her feeding without throwing up, I think they will be willing to move her up to Level II. The nurse said that she was doing everything that we were asking her to do so far.

    On a personal/spiritual note. We went to church today and NICK VUJICIC spoke. If you don’t know who Nick is, he was a guy that was born in Australia with no arms or legs and yet has the most inspiring testimony about trusting God regardless of you circumstances. His sermon was very inspirational and spoke directly to my situation. Nick stated that if we were going through a situation in our lives, that we should not worry. God is probably answering our prayers. I have been praying to get closer to God. I can honestly tell you that during the past 2.5 weeks since Lautrice went into labor, I have not spoken to God more often or more sincerely in my life. I can honestly say that during these trying days, I am thankful that God has it all in control.

    Thanks again for your prayer and support.

    Racquel, Lautrice, and Willie

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