Mark your calendar…


Wow…You know it occurred to me that with the NFL season just two days away I was checking the Baseball postseason calendar.  Being a Cleveland fan that is almost blasphemy.  Here the Indians are 6 games up with 25 games to play.  If the Indians finish at one game over .500 they rest of the way they will win 90 games.  That would mean that the Tigers would have to win 17 or their remaining 25 games to tie them. 

Those of you who have heard me discuss the Tribe know that in the past under Eric Wedge they have been very streaky.  They can go on for weeks and seem like they cannot be beat and overcome incredible odds to win games with rallies.  On the other hand, they go through periods when they cannot score runs and seem unable to win.  That has changed a little bit this year with their improved pitching.  The longest loosing streak they have had this year is 4 games I believe, and they have the best record in the AL in one runs games and 2nd best overall (Arizona). 

For over 30 years, baseball season was over by July 1.  From 1961 through 1994 the Indians only finished as high as 3rd place once.  I don’t think they were ever closer than 15 games out of first place.  That is unfutility unmatched in baseball history.  Still today, with the Tribe in 1st place, the Cavs as defending Eastern Conference Champions, the Buckeyes coming off of a National Championship game losses in both football and basketball the talk of the Cleveland is the Browns.  The lowly Browns coming off a 4 wins season.  The Browns having only one winning season since 1994.  The Browns.  You can ask Doug E. Pudge.  As he travels through the Cleveland area on his commute to PA he is forced to listen to Cleveland Sports Talk radio (it is the rule) and he will verify that 4 out of 5 calls are about the Browns.  Cleveland after all is Brownstown. 

So what do I find myself doing this morning?  I was checking the schedule, yes the ALDS playoff schedule starts either Wednesday Oct. 3 or Thursday Oct 4. The Division series will be on TBS and/or TNT this year.  So set your calendar accordingly.  If the season were to end today, The Red Sox would host the Indians and the Angels would host the Wild Card Yankees.  If Seattle wins the wild card, then the Angels would host the Indians.  Of course there is a lot of baseball yet to be played and anything can happen.  I look for the first scenario as despite the odds being against them, the Yankees will find a way into the post season. 

So, set your calendar for October.  After all, winter is not far behind…I must be off. 


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