Raquel is Home! Most recent from Willie…

You know it occurred to me that many of you have been following and praying for Willie, Lautrice and Racquel Alexis.  Well, if you check her journal www.racquelalexis.com  you will see that after 7 weeks in the hospital, Racquel is HOME!  But I will post Willie’s most recent entry in her journal for you to read.  I must be off…

 Almost over…..and, yet, about to begin.
posted on 09/21/2007


I am sitting her anxiously awaiting the doctor to call and give us the final word on Racquel’s hospital release.

As the first part of our journey comes to a close, I sit here reflecting on this stressful, yet strangely beautiful journey that I have endured.  I come to the conclusion that although I could never wish this on my worst enemy, I needed this.  I truly did. 

I was going through life with few problems.  I had a beautiful wife who loved me.  My wife and I had our health.  We had accomplished many of the goals that we had set for ourselves.  We were surrounded by friends and family that loved us.  Lautrice was cruising through her pregnancy with no complications.  We were living a fairly charmed life.  Each night I would pray to God.  Actually, each night I would give God what amounted to a “high five.”  I wasn’t praying.  I was taking all of his kindness, mercy, and grace for granted and I showed it in the way that I “thanked” him every night. 

I needed God to let me look into a crib and actually see the gift that he had given to me.   I needed to look at my wife and actually see how special she is to me.  I needed to see the night that I almost lost them both and actually see how truly great the gift of “one more day” is.  I needed to see the day that we almost lost Racquel and see how AWESOME the power God can be in delivering her from the grips of death to the arms of her loving parents.  I needed to have a REAL testimony that I could share with someone who asked me about the Power of God.  I needed to see my child as helpless and fragile as she is and understand the depth of a father’s love.  The depth of the love that God no doubt has for me.  For all of us.  I truly needed this.  I am thankful for every second of it and I can truly say that God showed me how to pray.  He has softened my heart and given me compassion and understanding beyond belief.  God has truly  given me a  new perspective on life.  For this I am grateful. 

I hope that by updating this log, I could let you in on the fruits of this journey without you ever having to feel the pain of the ride firsthand.  I know that a lot of you have shared in my pain.  I also look forward to you all sharing in our joy.  That’s why I plan to keep this journal going until everyone stops reading it.  I look forward to posting her first words, her first steps,  her first day at school,  the first boy I harass for calling my daughter, the first date (that should happen in about 40 years, ok, ok, 38 years), her  wedding day,  and the birth of my grandchildren.  These are the days I look forward to, but I want to bask in the joy of each second  of this journey  and  I’d like for you to share it with us.  After all, whether you like it or not, you all are family now.

A friend of mine told me that on the day I bring my daughter home to stop at the door and take a long look at her, because I would blink of an eye she would be leaving for college.  I can honestly say that I understand.  I have had the hardest 7 weeks of my life.  Seven weeks of being a husband, nurse, chauffeur, father, and provider.  Seven weeks of facing my worse fear.  I have always told people that standing outside of a waiting room feeling helpless while my wife or child was fighting for her life was my biggest fear.  I have been in this waiting room for 7 weeks.  I have lived this nightmare.   As hard as these last 7 weeks have been, it seems like a blink of an eye.

Another friend told me that as hard as this time seems, this part of her life will be described in one to two sentences.  He said that is you ask you parents about your first 2 months of life, they can describe it in one or two sentences.  When you think about it he was right.  However, with the help of this journal, she will get a chapter.  A chapter filled with well wishes from people who loved her from the first second that arrived.

I can never thank you all enough for your support, love, prayer’s and kind words.

Please keep lifting Racquel up in your prayers, forever.  She has me as her dad, she’ll need it.  🙂


We love you all,

Racquel, Lautrice, and Willie


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