Used car for sale…or Kar Koinonia

You know it occurred to me.  I have purchased or sold 4 company cars over the years.  In sales, my company provides me with a car to use as many companies provide computers or work spaces or desks or the like.  Actually, providing a car to an employee is a lot less expensive than providing an office or a workspace.  When you think about how much it costs a company to provide you with an office, a desk, heat, a computer, a copier, office supplies etc, it pales in comparison.  But I digress.

Well, its that time again.  About every 100,000 miles or so I get a new car.  The company needs to dispose of the old one and I try to help them.  They don’t give them away, but they do sell them for fair market value which is often much less than what you could by them for.  They are well maintained as the company pays for all the maintenance, and you simply have to take it and get it done.  I have them detailed, mechanically inspected, with almost new tires.  My 2004 Crown Vic is available for purchase for $6,800.00.  Pretty good deal, if you look up the value on Edmunds or KBB.  It has about 90,100 miles on it.  It seems to go through rotors pretty often (I have put two sets on it) and the driver door rattles when it rains.  Coincidently the speaker in the driver door cuts out when it rains too.  The only other defect I am aware of is that usually once per summer, the car overheats and does not idle very well.  I have had it into the Ford dealer and of course they cannot find anything wrong.  It has been my experience with Fords that Ford dealers never find anything wrong with Ford cars, unless the engine falls out.  But the Crown Vic has been a great car.  It has a powerful V-8 but still gets about 25 MPG.  It has lots of room (it really is a 6 passenger car).  You get double looks from police cars when you pull up behind them at a stop light.  I was once asked by a policeman at city hall in Grosse Pointe Farms if we were FBI.  (Denny was with me and we had our Ray Bans on).  Donna calls it my AARP car.  It does not pass the cool test however.  You know, look at the other people you see driving the same car you drive…   It however is not a Minivan; Praise God for that.  So if you are looking for dependable roomy transportation and not concerned with your image, this might be the car for you. 

Anyway, I think my next car is going to be a Buick LaCrosse.  They asked me what color I wanted, so I went on the Buick website and they have a nice Scarlett Red with a tintanium interior that looks an lot like Buckeye gray…  Well, I must be off…



  1. Martha Said:

    What is wrong with driving a minivan?!?!?!

  2. sam Said:

    I went to comment the same thing as Martha said. I am currently driving a Jeep, which I plan to drive until the motor falls out.
    thanks for the offer.

  3. beartracks Said:

    Look me up when you are ready to sell that Buick. I know it will be a few years.

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