There’s no place like home…

Greetings…I got this picture from my daughter the other day.  You know it occurred to me she was feeling a little green around the gills but I had no idea it had gotten this bad.  Yes, my pretty…Well and for her husband, I know he has a little touch of nectar from time to time but that red schnoz, what has been into?  And what are those rags he is wearing?  Looks like he has been sleeping in the barn!  If he only had a brain.   Well at least they are dressing the two little ones in some decent clothes!  Although you have to wonder about wearing Abby red shoes with a  blue dress! She looks like she is ready to click her heels.  On that that little Amelia, what a princess!  She looks like she could ride in on a cloud!  Most parents would buy themselves some decent clothing, but they are wearing rags and dressing their children like royalty! 

Well, I must be off…


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  1. sam Said:

    very clever costumes!

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