Sooner or Razor

You know it occurred to me, SOONER or RAZOR, the Luckeyes might make it back to the National Championship Game.  Beep, beep, beep what is that?  That is the sound of The Ohio State University Football team backing into the National Championship Game.  The beloved Sooners are 3 point favorites in the Big Twelve Championship game.  The Georgia Bulldogs are rooting for the Pittsburgh Panthers so for the first time it is possible a 2 loss team could make the National Championship Game and they (the Bulldogs) did not even win the eastern conference of the Mighty SEC.  Not likeley.  West Virginia is favored by 27 over Pittsburgh and they do look like they could beat anybody.  Tennessee is playing LSU for the SEC title.

I have to admit it.  I was rooting for Oregon to get beat.  Yes, I was rooting for Arkansas to beat LSU last Friday.  I did not see the end of the game as we had practice on Friday night but kudos to the Razorbacks for knocking LSU out of the Sugar Bowl National Championship game.  Now all over the country Buckeyes have become Sooner fans.  I got a phone call from my daughter on Sunday.  As usual I missed the call but her message said she was going somewhere really cool.  As it turns out after the Razors put the Buckeyes into a one game playoff (by proxy) for the National Championship by the Oklahoma Sooners in the Big Twelve Championship game.  As it turns out the Big Twelve Championship game is in San Antonio this year.  As it turns out Martha and Rob were able to procure a couple of tickets to the game Saturday and will be there with their OSU jerseys and game gear on!  How exciting.  Odds are they won’t be the only Buckeyes in attendance or watching the game.  There will also be many Buckeye fans watching the game on TV.  Probably Coach Tressel will watch the game, too.  I am rooting for the Illini to go to the Rose Bowl this year.  Aren’t you?  Well, I must be off…  P.S.  Darren McFadden for the Heisman…


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  1. Martha Said:

    GO SOONERS!!!!

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