Right Here, Right Now…

You know it occurred to me… 

Remember the AFC title game loss in 1986, when you thought the Browns would come back and eventually make it to the Super Bowl? Or the one in 1987? Or in 1989? Remember when the Kardiac Kids’ 1980 season ended so dramatically and you thought they would do it again — only this time, go farther — the following season? And you older followers of the team, remember when the Browns lost three times in five years in the NFL Championship Game in the last half of the 1960s and you just figured that sooner or later the club would win? And remember how it didn’t happen in any of those seasons or era? Browns fans and the Browns themselves want to believe that this is a young team that should just be starting its run. Every indication is that this team has indeed been built to contend for a number of seasons. It would be stunning if it didn’t play out that way, in fact. But at the same time, there’s no guarantee of that happening. There’s no guarantee that in the foreseeable future the Browns will be 7-4 again with five winnable games remaining. That window of opportunity could close at any moment — even before this season is over, in fact. So the Browns can’t worry about next year or two years down the road or even three. They have to seize upon the chance they have now and make the most of it, and let the future take care of itself. Finally, the stars all seemed to be aligned in the Browns’ favor, so they can’t let the sun come up without doing something about it. That’s the painful lesson of all those other experiences through the years.


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