Win 10 and Out!

You know it occurred to me, you win 10 games in the NFL you ought to make the playoffs.  There are at least a half a dozen teams who won ten or less and are in the playoffs.  The Browns choked.  Little consolation they had a good season.  You should see their schedule next year.  In addition to the usual tough division schedule against Pittsburgh, Cinci and Baltimore, they have Indy, Dallas and the Giants at home, and they play in  Jacksonville, Tennessee, Washington and Philly on the road.  Good luck.

Now they have a QB quandry, or quagmire.  Will success spoil Cleveland?  Will they screw this up?  I don’t think so.  They have a bright young GM in Phil Savage who did have a few things go his way.  They have the best young receiver in the league in Braylon Edwards who was at the Capitol One Bowl on New Years Day cheering on his beloved Wolverines.  They have a 10 year Pro Bowl left tackle in Joe Thomas.  They will resign Jamal Lewis, they have Kellen Winslow Jr. and all the rest of the offense will be back but will DA?  Or will they hand the reigns over to Brady Quinn. 

There is some work to do on offense.  They need a cold weather game plan. (see Cinci game).  But the primary work to do this off season is to build a defense.  They have some salary cap room but they don’t have a 1st round draft pick.  They need a defensive line.  They are adequate at linebacker and in the defensive backfield but the line really stinks. 

They are already the pick to win the division next year as the Steelers inhale the gas pipe, the Ravens have fired their coach and Cinci, well despite their week 16 win are still the Bungals.  At least there is no debate over the coach this year.  Or will there be if Parcells calls Romeo to rebuild his Dolphins?

 I must be off.  Well, hope you enjoyed my most recent photo!  Pretty good likeness, don’t you think? Oh and yes the tattoo is real…



  1. Jay Said:

    I heard the Lions might need a good QB and they have a first round pick to trade????

  2. wheresjim Said:

    DA would do well in Mike Martz system, but I would hate for him to be ruined by getting beat up by their offensive line!

  3. beartracks Said:

    Cleveland has had a banner season, Indians and Browns, How are CAVS doing? Your daughter looks liike you if I can be so bold to mention it.

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