You know it occurred to me as I was looking some of the Ice Cakes left beside the driveway yesterday Spring has sprung!

Yes Easter came early this year.  Just so you are not caught unaware next year Easter is on April 12 and in 2010 Easter comes on April 4th.  You can put it on you calendar.  Did Easter creep up on you this year?  I think it did.  That is where planning comes into play. 

Oh yea, back to spring.  Spring hopes eternal.  Yes the boys of summer are 10 days from starting there season in the U.S.  Yes, America’s pastime is opening the regular season in Japan!  Don’t miss it.  Well at least the U.S. home opener is in Cincinnatti, as it should be.  The first game starts about 2 hours earlier in Cinci than any other National League game.  Well at least they are not starting the season with inter-league play. 

Oh yea, spring.  The season of bracketology, high profile recruit signings, NFL free agency and …SNOW!  Yes we are to possible get a couple of inches of snow today.  Hurray Spring!

 Well it is nice to see the fresh growth in my garden try and break through the ice cakes!  By the time the NFL draft rolls around, we will be out trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn and hitting the links.  The calendar says it’s spring, but as for me I will wait for the Master’s to be played, the NFL draft to occur and a couple of 70 degree days before I announce it is spring in my world. 

Don’t put the snowblower away!  I must be off.


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