Remembering to forget and forgetting to remember.

Many of you who read this blog prayed for Raquel Alexis and her parents.  Here is an update on the family now that Raquel is 8 months old and how God continues to work in our lives.

Eight Month Check In

posted on 04/04/2008


The human species is very curious.  Lautrice is the most stubborn, bull-headed, determined, and tenacious woman that I know.  In fact she is about half as stubborn, bull-headed, determined, and tenacious as I am.  Therefore, it hysterical that we are confused that our offspring is stubborn, bull-headed, determined, and tenacious.  None of the tricks, tips, and hints that we find online to fix Racquel’s issues were developed for a child that is just not having it.  It seems that everytime that we get on the verge of being frustrated, we get a little reminder that we promised not to complain.  The most recent on was after Racquel refused to sleep a few nights in a row.  We were watching the Celebrity Apprentice and Trace Adkins song his new hit “You’re Gonna Miss This.”  It felt like a kick in the teeth.

A few weeks earlier, we were watching Gone Country (Don’t Ask, just go with the story) and the contestants visited a children’s hospital.  One of the parents asked that Bobby Brown come and see their baby.  The doctor had told them that their baby would not make it through the night.  That tv show took us back to a very emotional place.  It was a place that we needed to visit.  Earlier that day we were watching our former pastor on tv and he preached a sermon about  remembering to forget and forgetting to remember.  He said that we as Christians need to remember to forget all of the things that people have said about and done to us.  We need remember to forget how people have mistreated us in the past.  Remembering to forget paved the road of forgiveness for the Christian.  He went on to say that we as Christians should never forget to remember where God has brought us from.  We should never forget to remember all of the blessings that God has bestowed upon us.  Those two TV shows made us remember to remember what a blessing we have received from God.  It started to become easy to forget to remember because things have been going so well with Lautrice and Racquel.  Sometimes we need a kick in the rear to remind us of where we have been and where he has brought us from.  Those two shows did just that.

Racquel made 8 months old yesterday.  We have successfully navigated through both flu season and RSV season without any issues.  Lautrice and I have decided to take Racquel to church for the first time this weekend.  We’ll still be cautious, but we no longer have to be paranoid.

A quick update on our little girl. 

She still wakes up several times throughout the night for a pacifier although she slept like an angel for the first time in a while last night.

She still HATES being on her stomach.  She still is not a big fan of drinking from the bottle. 

She will stand on her legs for about a minute at a time will leaning against you. 

She is almost sitting up completely.  She’ll stay upright and tilt over after a few minutes. 

We think she is teething.  She is spitting a lot and you can feel several bumps on her gums.

She eats totally on her terms.  She will actually fight you while you are trying to feed her.  You can ignore her for a minute, she will then take the bottle and drink like there is no tomorrow.  However, it must be on her terms.

We took Racquel to the annual NICU reunion at The Woman’s Hospital on Saturday.  She got to see some of the nurses who worked with her.  They were all very pleased at how she had turned out.  We also received another kick in the teeth at that event.  It showed us that these issues that I listed above are very minor.  Some of those parents are dealing with REAL issues and will deal with them for the rest of their lives.  If you could remember to remember these parents and children when you pray, we’d really appreciate it. 
I apologize for the delay in this posting and can you guys stop with the threats on my well-being.  I’m beginning to think some of you are serious.  (You know who you are.)  🙂



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  1. willn1 Said:

    Thank you Jim for being such a friend to me and my family. Your kindness in my time of need will never be forgotten. You are a true friend.

    Willie (Lautrice and Racquel)

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