Presidential Politicking 1910 Style…

Taft in Tecumseh

You know it occurred to me.  I have not seen many presidents of the United States around here recently.

President William Howard Taft visits Tecumseh in 1910…

You can see me in the black boulder hat there on the left.  Pretty good likeness, don’t you think?

President Taft went on to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  Can you any of our exisitng (or soon to be former) presidents going on to be a chief justice?

Do you think you will see a president or candidate in Tecumseh in 2008?

I must be off, got a train to catch…




  1. mudpuppy Said:

    Probably not, but I saw a Quayle in Tecumseh a few years back. 🙂

  2. beartracks Said:

    The US was around in 1910?

  3. beartracks Said:

    So, no other Presidential candidate conciders Tecumseh an area to campaign in?

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