Here we go Brownies, way up North…

Well it occurred to me if I can’t post this picture of my son-in-law and his Browns buddy from “up north”, what can I post?

Ben is doing a great job of keeping us posted on his time in service of this country.  One of the things about being in the guard or reserves is that most of the people in your unit are from the same part of the county, unlike the army where the people in your unit could be from anywhere.

Ben like to share photos from “up north” when they are on mission to you know where.  I don’t think I am giving away any military secrets but I am glad that the Browns are are national TV five times this year to give Ben and the boys a chance to catch the games.  I know if he were here he would be at the games.

Here is your weather report.  Ben says it is cold up north and hot down south.

Well, I must be off.



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