Do you believe in the SI Jinx?


You it occurred to me, I used to be superstitious.  Good thing I got over it.  However, I did notice a prominent NFL quarterback (Tony Romo) that plays for a certain team (Dallas) that is playing their home opener in a certain city (Cleveland) against a certain team (The Browns). 

But there were rumors that a certain team (The Browns) would show up on the cover of a certain magazine (SI).  To this point I am somewhat relieved, (although not superstitious) that the certain team is not yet on the cover.

I have plans to one day purchase a subscription to SI, despite getting some inappropriate issues, if indeed one of the three major teams in a certain city (The Browns, the Cavs or Indians) win the Super Bowl, NBA Championship or World Series, respectively, to get the commerative tee shirt and other commemorative junk. 

Well, I hope nothing bad happens to Tony Romo, but I do hope their team starts the season 0-1.

I must be off…


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  1. Courtney Said:

    His season is already in danger! He’s dating Jessica Simpson (who he was dating last year when he royally mucked up on one of the teams most important games). ‘Nuff said. Poke the Cowboys with a fork, they’re done!

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